Will the contribution I made last year automatically roll over into this year’s campaign without any action on my part?

No. Any employee who wishes to make a payroll contribution to this year's campaign must either donate online – or complete a new pledge card – regardless of whether they contributed the prior year.

Can I designate through the CSEC to a charity not listed in the directory?

No. All charities listed in the directory are carefully screened by a volunteer group of state employees who are appointed to serve on the Connecticut State Employees’ Campaign Committee. If you wish to contribute to the campaign and designate to a specific agency, the charity must be listed in this year’s directory.

How many pay periods are there each year?

For most state employees, there are 26 pay periods in the year.

Can I opt to have my payroll deduction taken out just once?

No. Unfortunately, the Central Payroll Office in Hartford processes all payroll deduction pledges made to the CSEC and it is very difficult for them to arrange any number less than 26, in terms of payroll deduction.

When does my payroll deduction pledge begin?

The first pay period in January and concludes with the last pay period in December, for 26 deductions.

What is the minimum amount I can pledge through payroll deduction?

The minimum amount one can pledge is $1.

Can I receive a receipt for my contribution?

If it is over $250, made in one lump sum, the Internal Revenue Service requires that the campaign send you a receipt. If you are doing payroll deduction, your last pay stub will serve as your record of money contributed throughout the year. However, we also encourage you to make a copy of your pledge cared for income tax purposes.

How do I use the recognition contribution form on the back of the pledge card?

This form is used to make a contribution in recognition of someone (e.g., birthday, promotion, anniversary, etc.) or in memory of someone. If you are a donor to the campaign and wish to receive an acknowledgment (not the same thing as recognition) for your contribution, please check off the first bubble in Section C on the front of the pledge card.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

If you are a state retiree, new employee, or a State of Connecticut employee who has just discovered the State's donation arrangement, you CAN still participate. Campaign staff can accept and process donations at ANY time during the year. If you wish to participate in the Charitable Giving Campaign, simply contact the Campaign office at 860-493-6846.